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Welcome to Sakarya University Faculty of Engineering Department of Civil Engineering. I hope you enjoy learning about many achievements of our students and academic members, our undergraduate and graduate programs and options, our esteemed members and administrative staff.

Civil engineering department is one of the first departments of Sakarya University that creates core of the university where engineering education started in 1970. Since then, for nearly half a century we have educated engineers who have been leaders in their expertises in fields of planning, designing and building structures and we still keep continue to educate.

Briefly, if we talk about our academics, students and opportunities that we offer for students in the department; Currently, there are twenty-three faculty members, ten research assistants, more than 1300 undergraduate students, 276 master's and 57 doctoral students in the Department of Civil Engineering. The experience and education gained through the academic studies in the our department offers the opportunity to prepare students for leadership in the civil engineering profession. Our students with the education that they receive they have the opportunity to plan the design of our living spaces with new information and innovative solutions and they provide a sustainable and future-oriented development of built and natural environments.

For education and research; Structure-Earthquake, Hydraulic, Geotechnical, Transportation and Building Material laboratories are among the best equipped laboratories in the our country, providing opportunities for hands-on experience for all students.

Our powerful sides and the opportunities that offered by our department to undergraduate and graduate students and are as follows

  • Modeling, numerical analysis and design of earthquake resistant structures.
  • Experience gained from earthquake damage detection studies and strengthening of damaged structures.
  • Measurement of railway traffic vibrations and mitigation on site.
  • Numerical analysis of problems related to soil engineering and dynamics.
  • Field measurements and laboratory experiments.
  • Flood modeling and risk management.
  • Large-scale vibratory table test device and measuring devices.
  • One-way impact load generating testing apparatus and measuring devices.
  • Instruments used for measuring structural and environmental vibrations
  • Software used in modeling and analysis of geotechnical problems.
  • Software used in the analysis of seismic performance of structures.

We devoted ourselves for our students the oppurtunities and our powerful sides that  I have mentioned above and as an introduction to the professional applications of civil engineering and providing students with the necessary basic knowledge, skills and attitudes, and providing innovative and quality opportunities. Our graduates will be ready for the technical and technological challenges they will face in the future as well as the contemporary demands they will meet when they start their profession.

The career opportunities that available for our graduates of the civil engineering department are indeed wide and varied. Our students can make a career in transportation, hydrology and hydraulics, building materials, structural engineering and geotechnical engineering.

We are very excited to educating well-versed Civil Engineers who work in national and international fields and have achieved success  and we are even more excited for future. I hope you will share your enthusiasm for our professional and quality programs that we have Sakarya University. I wish our new students a peaceful and successful education process.


Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Emrah Doğan

Head of Civil Engineering Department

Sakarya University, Esentepe Campus, Sakarya