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Mission and Vision



The Mission of Department of Civil Engineering

Our departmental mission is to produce information and train environmentally conscious students who  design civil engineering systems, analyse, implement, evaluate and review the results, take responsibility, respect professional and ethical values, do research, and share policy with the knowledge and confidence. We aim at the students having the principle  to be integrated with industry and and others with a strong social aspect,.

The Vision of Department of Civil Engineering

Our vision is to become a department to transform science and technology for the benefit of humanity and our country,  provide a top-level research and  educational environment through which the students are equippedwith contemporary knowledge  and trained so that they have the qualifications of   research methodology  and  ability along with the leadership to compete in the international arena by supporting the  national and universalvalues

Program Educational Objectives of Department of Civil Engineering- PEO

Graduates from the SAU Engineering Faculty Civil Engineering Program:  
1) would be employed as experts, technical staffs or project managers at governmental organizations and institutions associated with civil engineering
2) would take active roles in national or international collaborative projects at domestic or overseas; or start up and develop their own engineering firms.
3) with having life-long learning ability, would continue their career by graduate studies or professional training.